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Where did the band name come from? Baz, the band’s vocalist said: “when we were putting the band together, we struggled to choose a name we all liked. At one of our rehearsals, we were trying out songs by one of my favourite bands, Amplifier. One of the songs we were rehearsing, called “The Consultancy” was progressing well and we all felt a chemistry with it; so I asked “why don’t we call the band The Consultancy?’ We all agreed it was a strange name for a band but we couldn’t help but like it, so the name stuck.” Getting the band line-up finalised took time but Baz was determined to find the right blend of musicians. Baz said: “I met Pete first in another band and was later introduced to his brother Bob. Pete loves all types of rock music but is also classically trained, so he naturally became the band’s musical brain! Pete plays the violin but his main axe is a classic Fender Strat; or thinking about it, it could be his Les Paul! His brother Bob plays the Selmer Saxophone and together, the sound they create adds a wonderful layer of sax enriches the band’s rock foundation.” The Consultancy had a new rhythm section for 2017 with Colin Watterson on drums and Bob Bray on bass. These two guys have formed an incredibly creative and solid rhythm foundation which is essential to any successful band, irrespective of the musical genre. Come and see a Consultancy gig, you won`t be disappointed as we cover many musical genres in a 2 hour set. You will find all the details you need on our gigs page. We look forward to seeing you.. and do come and say hello, as we are a happy and jovial bunch of chaps! INFORMATION...
The Consultancy: a brief history
the consultancy line - up
STEVE (BAZ) BERRY (Vocals) Baz has one of those naturally melodic voices, but he can also blast it out! .... The first thing people say when they hear us live or recorded, is “what a great voice your singer has”. He has! Baz is certainly a very experienced singer who has enjoyed success with his previous bands Nemesis, etc. His main musical influences are Amplifier, Muse, Foo Fighters...and of course, never forgetting, The Cult!
PETE MARSH (Lead Guitar, Vocals) Pete is the musical brain of the band who has explored many types of music, including rock, classical, avante garde and folk. He plays guitar, mandolin, violin and viola, and loves to investigate other instruments. He also composes. Playing with The Consultancy has rekindled his love of rock music. Guitarist-influences include Rory Gallagher, Robert Fripp & Huw Lloyd-Langton. Hawkwind is a passion!
BOB MARSH (Mr Bob) (Saxophone, Guitar, Vocals) Bob is Pete’s elder brother. His main role in the band is the saxophone. As a child he learned clarinet from his father but in 1962 he heard, for the first time, a school friend play electric guitar. That moment changed him forever - he dragged his dad straight out and bought a second hand Rossetti! Through the ‘60s and early ‘70s Bob played guitar & sax with many bands based in the midlands and north covering pop, rock, northern soul (that’s where the sax came in) plus American west coast psychedelic rock!
Colin Watterston (Drums) Colin is a hugely talented and experienced man on the skins and provides our inspiring and driving rhythm section. He has recorded and played live with several successful bands over the years. His talent is obvious and he's an invaluable member who is instrumental in steering the band to reaching its full potential.

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BOB BRAY (Bass guitar, Vocals) Bob is an experienced bass man and joined The Consultancy in 2017 . He brings an added dimension to the band with his vocal ability, and his rock/punk playing style provides a new depth to the 'Consultancy sound'. Previous bands/musical projects include - Cry Wolf, Men in Hats, For One Night Only, Cressers Last Stand... and now The Consultancy!
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